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The Whitegate Development area, extending from Newton Ground to Belle Vue, has been identified by the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis as a prime location for future economic growth and development. Already the area is attracting significant new investments and development interests from both the private and public sectors. The region is recognized as a centre with fine cultural and historical traditions. Its town and villages have a rich mix of heritage and majestic landscapes. With increased investment and the area's strategic location at the northwestern section of the island, it now has the opportunity to become recognized as a tranquil destination built through creativity, innovation, cutting edge design and outstanding quality of life.

The Whitegate Development Corporation (WGDC) is developing a framework that will set out how the regeneration and development of the area will be achieved. In an era of profound change, St. Kitts and Nevis will only prosper if it embraces its position within the regional and global economy, creates opportunities accessible to all its residents - existing and new - and more effectively manages and minimizes the impact of development on the environment.

To date much work has been carried out including a baseline issues scoping that looks at where we are now and a review of the policy and delivery perspectives. We are also planning for a series of Board and partner workshops that would inform the preparation of a detailed regeneration and development framework.
All these activities and the outputs thereof will contribute to the development of our prospectus ‘A World of Difference”

Our prospectus will be the first step towards the regeneration and development framework. It will set out:
  • the drivers of change that provide the context for action;
  • the priorities for action if we are to ensure Whitegate makes the most of the opportunities and challenges arising from change; and
  • WGDC's role in delivering these priorities.

The prospectus will set the scene for regeneration and growth activities over the next ten years and beyond. It will state the purpose of the WGDC and how it links with the local development framework captured in the country’s National Physical Development Plan and the Adaptation Strategy.

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